About us

ConsultCommerce Ltd. is completely devoted to its main vision and mission - to produce only the highest quality custom software solutions for its clients.

For the years since 1995, we have been developing tailored software applications for various companies in US and around the globe. The specific software modules, web sites and applications we develop for our customers are always targeted to solve unique problems and satisfy specific needs.

No matter whether you are the end-user or a software developing institution/individual, we will be proud to work with and for you in achieving the best possible results in the vast industry of software development. Our well-experienced, Ph.D. level, full-time teams have been engaged in Financial, Management, Inventory, Communication, Banking, E-Commerce and Internet software development.

ConsultCommerce Ltd. has always worked very closely with all its clients in researching and determining what their real needs are and what they will be in the future. We always want to be sure that our clients get more than what they are expecting as functionality and quality, and that they also get the worth of every dollar they pay for our services. As stated above, we work in full cooperation with our clients. We also prepare complete technical specifications, functional and database maps, and descriptions for approval and validation. Our clients have always been able to closely observe our software development process through all its stages, from the beginning to the last test phase.

We know that the expertise and the knowledge we have gathered through years of work, will add value to the services and products we offer to our clients.