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ManusPlus workforce management

At its most fundamental level the workforce management process is a closed circle of Budgeting, Forecasting, Scheduling, Time & Attendance and Reporting.

The ManusPlus workforce management suite 3.0 is a fully integrated suite of workforce management software which services the strategic requirements for Budgeting and Labor Modelling in addition to the operational demands of Labor Forecasting, Scheduling & Task Management, Time & Attendance and Reporting. The ManusPlus workforce management suite is the only workforce management software on the market that offers users standard support with regard to various collective labor agreements, both domestic and international, including Working Hours Act provisions, as well as relevant information on a variety of cultures and languages.


PageTypes CMS

Comprehensive, ASP.NET based Content Management System. Easy to use CMS for building and managing websites. PageTypes CMS is saving up to 75% of your time for creating and maintaining a website.

Every organization large or small needs an effective web presence as one of their key routes to their target audience. Whether you are a commercial organization looking to serve your customers better, a government organization providing information to your community and stakeholders, or a non-profit organization looking to connect with people you can help or can help you, you need an easy way of creating, managing and using a website and a whole variety of web content.

WordFrame Integra

WordFrame Integra

When you need an advanced web presence.

Integra has a unique approach for the web presence building. It allows the integrator to build the website as a web application, rather than a number of pages. Three layered architecture, provides robust performance and ultimate flexibility. Some users can make a very rich page just by using pure HTML, some by using a WYSIWYG editor, some need a very simple form with nothing more than textboxes and file uploads. Integra can give you this and much much more, as it handles each page, as a page of a web application rather than a CMS page.



Financial software product for loan amortization and loan management.

Some amortization programs require you to have an MBA in order to understand its usage and functionality. LoanAmortizer doesn't fall in this category because it presents a clear, user-friendly interface. You'll use drop-down menus to enter details such as amortization method, contract date and interest rate types. The program instantly crunches the numbers as you add a loan amount, interest rate and periodic period. While it's a nice choice if you're shopping for a loan, you'll especially love the program whenever you need to re-examine an existing one.


Smart Archive Server

Client-server application for long term industrial process data archiving and representation.

SAS is a system focused on industrial automation and process engineering gaining ambitious target to make the process information fast and easy accessible, much more readable, saving energy and improving efficiency. The system provides Siemens WinCC and standard OPC connectivity, TAG logging with advanced archive algorithm for disk space saving, custom reports, user level of access management, data export to various formats (xls, pdf, csv), ERP open connectivity. more...